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Guarapo Labs

Guarapo, an IT company looking for an original branding

Guarapo Labs is a company that provides software development solutions to its clients. They are young engineers looking to implement the latest and greatest web or mobile application development.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

The challenge

Guarapo is very young. Starting, the client faced many challenges and uncertainties. One of them was the company's image and identity; this is where Digitla came into the picture. They wanted a fresh appearance for the company. Something sober considered their culture as a company based on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Brand Concept

The name Guarapo is born from the autochthony of the Caribbean culture of Colombia. Its name is a metaphor for the refreshing drink obtained from panela, a derived product from the sugar cane, alluding to the company's cultural and geographic roots.

We made a conceptual analysis of the sugar cane as the primary reference for the brand. As a result, we determined that the cane's natural green gradient would be the logo icon's primary identifier.

Backed by color psychology, the green color was consistent with the values ​​and feelings the company wanted to convey with the rebranding, including honesty, commitment, renewal, and growth.

Logo Concept

Color Palette

Emerald end Erin green was defined as the brand's primary color palette. The gradient was obtained from their primary hexagons.

Brand Typography

Brand Manual

This document was created to preserve the brand guidelines and the proper use of its elements. In it, the client finds the dos and don'ts uses of the logo, the primary and secondary color palettes, fonts, icons, and applications.

The Outcome

“Ever since we received the finished product, our company has increased its presence on social media platforms.”

Juan I.
Technical Lead

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