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Amanda Boike

Improving people’s health with stretching classes.

Amanda Boike is the founder and trainer of Beyond Human LLC, a fitness company offering Personal Training and Assisted Stretching services. The client contacted us for help updating a website design they began creating using Wix. In our initial meeting with the company, we discussed Amanda Boike's business, the customer journey, the site's functionality needs, and their expectations for the design.

UX/UI Design
Web & App Development
UX/UI Design
Web & App Development

The challenge

Amanda Boike had an existing site that some customers visited to learn more about their services and background. However, the client was facing two main challenges: Due to the content organization, the information about services took a lot of work to understand. The booking process needed to be automated, and the client had to do a lot of manual work to book the sessions. This was preventing the client from scaling efficiently. We needed a new user experience and interface design to improve these issues.

UX Design

We started the project with research, learning more about the client's aesthetic and design preferences and bringing that to life through wireframes. We had one review with the client, who provided feedback, and approved after the last changes. We were ready to move to the next step: UI Design.

Web UI Design

Knowing the client's design preferences was key to creating a UI design that looked good and improved how the brand communicated its value proposition, benefits, and services simply. The new user experience also helped visitors book services online quickly and helped the client avoid the manual process of scheduling bookings. After one round of feedback, we completed the design phase successfully and started developing in WIX. After two weeks of development and review, the website was delivered upon client approval.

The Outcome

“Thanks to Digitla, our customers now have an inviting, well-designed virtual space.”

Amanda B.

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